SICOT Declaration of Hyderabad on Violence against Healthcare Workers

During the SICOT meeting in Hyderabad, several Presidents of national orthopaedic associations asked SICOT to protest violence against healthcare personnel which is considered by the International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent as "one of the most crucial yet overlooked humanitarian issues today". 

Facing this increasing bane, SICOT, in collaboration with representatives of international and national orthopaedic associations, has decided to write the following declaration. 

Today, SICOT is proud to have brought together 63 orthopaedic societies, representing more than 200,000 orthopaedic surgeons around the world, to fight for this fundamental human right, without regards to national, economic or philosophical segregation. 

The list of societies who have co-signed this declaration is not exhaustive and any group or individual may always endorse the declaration and use it in its own country. Any voluntary support to move this action internationally and locally is welcome. 

Read the SICOT Declaration of Hyderabad here

Editorial by Maurice Hinsenkamp on "Violence against healthcare workers"

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