SAANVI Orthopaedics/SICOT Fellowship (closed)

Funded by SICOT & SAANVI Orthopaedics


Every year, SICOT offers one surgeon a one year fellowship to SAANVI Orthopaedics located in Mumbai (India) in Hip & Knee replacement.

SAANVI Orthopaedics Mumbai, India is an Orthopaedic unit that is dedicated to the field of clinical research in Orthopaedics. SAANVI is working on several projects related to clinical research in adult hip and knee surgery. A number of scientific meetings have also been planned for the future.

Research Fellowships, in adult hip and knee surgery, are offered from SAANVI. The tenure is for a year. Research Fellow will be a full-time research assistant with dedicated sessions for literature search, data entry, and management of clinical work.

Research Fellow is responsible for carrying out and completing the projects. The Fellow will be supervised by the consultant. There are targets and deadlines for the projects. The Fellow is expected to present the papers in national and international conferences.

SAANVI Orthopaedics has plans to collaborate with some of the very prominent and popular research centers and personalities in the world. The ultimate goal is to share what we are learning, to compare results, collaborate on promising treatments, and disseminate this important information to the orthopaedic community at large.

Accommodation and travelling costs (economy ticket only; taxis will only be reimbursed at a reasonable amount; airport shuttle bus service must be used in priority to taxis) for international fellows will be covered by SICOT up to EUR 2,500. Accommodation costs for national fellows will be covered by SICOT up to EUR 1,000 (they will need to cover their own travelling costs). SAANVI Orthopaedics will provide a stipend to cover local expenses to the fellows.


  • Must be a SICOT member with membership dues paid two years in a row at the time of the application (the year of the application deadline and the year before)

  • Must be 45 years or under at the beginning of the fellowship

  • Must have three or more years of specialised orthopaedic training at the time of application

  • Health insurance coverage during stay at centre

  • Medical check-up before travel (including lab results for blood tests) 

  • Application form must be filled in

  • Priority is given to candidates having attended one or more SICOT Congress(es) in the past 4 years

  • Preference is given to international fellows. SICOT will not cover the travelling costs of national fellows.


Documents to submit to [email protected]:

  • Application Form to be filled in

  • Copy of birth certificate or passport 

  • Up-to-date CV mentioning

    • the date of birth

    • the logbook

    • the academic achievements

    • other achievements

    • the professional experience in Orthopaedics (with month and year of beginning and ending)

    • the field(s) of interest

  • Two recommendation letters, one must be from the current Head of Department

  • A document proving the English level

  • Motivation letter showing the motivation and the reason for wanting to attend this fellowship

  • Recent medical check-up (including lab results for blood tests)


Coordinator: Vijay D Shetty - Founder, SAANVI Orthopaedics - Email: [email protected] 


Deadline for applications: 6 May 2024